• US Census Bureau is Hiring!

    Posted: 01/06/2021

    The U.S. Census Bureau, Atlanta Regional Office, has an immediate need to hire Field Representatives in the Anderson County area.  
    Any assistance you can provide by informing the public and/or members of your organization regarding these vacancies, will be greatly appreciated.   
    • The pay rate is $14.95 – $20.71 per hour plus $.57 per miles driven while on duty. 
    • To apply, applicants MUST complete an application package consisting of three forms. 
    • These forms are NOT available online and MUST be mailed.  
    • Applicants selected for these positions will have their home as their Duty Station and may be required to travel throughout their local area on a routine basis. 

    Interested applicants can request an application package by sending an email to atlanta.recruiting@census.gov and entering New Application Request” in the subject line 

    The applicant’s email requesting an application package MUST include.

    Mailing Address: (city, state and zip code)
    Contact Phone Number(s):

    Language(s) other than English: 

    The application package, instructions and a self-addressed return envelope will be sent via USPS to the applicant’s home address.  

    If an applicant is requesting Veteran's Preference, they should include applicable COPIES of all supporting documents (i.e. DD-214 and/or a letter from the Veteran's Administration) when MAILING application package back to the Regional Office.  

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