• Community Pledge for Anderson County

    We want our community to know that we value the rights and protection of all of our people and are deeply saddened by the events taking place in our country. We, the undersigned were disturbed by the unjust murder surrounding the death of George Floyd and seek justice for George Floyd’s family. We stand together with you to ensure that the injustices are recognized as we continue to work in our community to embrace diversity and inclusion.

    We want all of Anderson County to know that we value our people, we are neighbors and share the sense of family connection that is felt throughout our County and it truly is what makes Anderson County special. As citizens, leaders, business owners and neighbors that call Anderson County home, we value the strength we all share and will continue to prioritize the dialogue on matters that will make life better for all of our residents. We will focus our efforts on improving and standing together for social justice, equal representation in education, and help those that are impoverished and are underserved in healthcare.

    We call for our community to support all of our people and embrace the cultural differences that make us unique and strengthen our diversity and ensure all people are valued and included in our community conversations. We believe the best way to move forward is together as we stand to ensure the safety and pride of our community and value our individual strengths while we collaborate together to strengthen our economy. Our citizens must feel safe and we must strive to ensure our businesses and people are thriving. We must all work cohesively to bring about real, positive, lasting change. We collectively are the ones that will bring focus on how we as a community stand together to answer the injustices and bring peace to our community. It will take all of us and we stand ready to assist and protect our community as a whole through inclusion.

    It is our movement together as leaders, organizations, business people and citizens that will show the strength of Anderson County. Our leaders have a legacy of bringing people together, embracing positive change, and setting a path to recovery so we may ALL thrive and enrich the community that We All Call HOME. As we move together in solidarity, let us focus on guiding solutions that will continue to create safety, justice and success for all. We encourage continued conversations and opportunities to convene to ensure that we stand for each other when we see an injustice and we strive to bring real results so our children will embrace a strong future that our legacies will leave. We Are Stronger Together!
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