• Belton vying to be chosen for new HGTV project Home Town Takeover

    Belton vying to be chosen for new HGTV project Home Town Takeover

    Belton, SC.  A once thriving city square, with many unique architectural buildings over 100 years old, sits idle amidst a few business owners who hang on for better days.  Crumbling old dames, with lofty columns and ragged landscaping, wait for a facelift on the streets emanating from the historic square.

    A group of passionate citizens is hoping to change all that with a bid for the upcoming HGTV special Home Town Takeover.
    “We have classic architecture, a city rich in heritage and culture, and charming people who make this area special,” said newly elected mayor Tiffany Ownbey.  “HGTV can help take our good bones and make us beautiful again.”
    A small town with a population of 40,000 or below will be chosen for a special production of Home Town Takeover, hosted by HGTV favorites Ben and Erin Napier.  The hosts will spend about six months helping to renovate historic buildings, public spaces, and architecturally unique homes for a special 6 part series to air in 2021. 
    Filming for the application will be completed on Monday, with a variety of people with unique stories sharing the reasons Belton is a wonderful city and deserves to be chosen for this whole-town renovation project.
    “Restoring and revitalizing our downtown area would be a catalyst for businesses to locate in Belton and for people to move here, giving us an opportunity to share the home town atmosphere that we love with others,” said Belton Alliance Treasurer Rex Maynard. 
    Anyone who wishes to be a part of the video is invited to be on the city square at 4:30. 
    “A group shout-out will be filmed, so join us on the square Monday and be a part of the process!” said Alison Darby, Belton Area Museum Association Educational Coordinator. 
    As of last week, 1600 submissions across America were vying for the opportunity to be chosen for the makeover by the deadline of Feb. 7, 2020.
    “We hope HGTV will see the value in coming here to help us get our beat back,” said Maynard, referring to the town’s new motto, “Belton:  A historic heart, with a new beat.”
    “It’s certainly worth a shot!” exclaimed council person Eleanor Dorn. 

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