• Federal Infrastructure Update

    Federal Infrastructure Update

    On Friday, the U.S. Senate voted to move forward with a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. The measure passed with a vote of 66 to 28. The full text of the bill has yet to be released but has so far garnered bipartisan support. 

    The package will include about $550 billion in new spending, on top of $450 billion that was previously approved. According to the White House, some of the provisions of the bill will include: 

    • $110 billion in new funding toward roads, bridges, and other major projects. 
    • $11 billion toward reducing car crashes and fatalities, including through a “Safe Streets for All” program. It will also double the funding that is sent to other programs that improve road safety.
    • $39 billion to modernize public transit and improve access for people with disabilities. 
    • $15 billion in spending for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, electric buses, and transit.
    • $1 billion dollars toward a program to reconnect communities divided by transportation infrastructure. 
    • $17 billion toward port infrastructure and $25 billion toward airports.
    • $50 billion for investment in weatherization.
    • $55 billion in funding for clean drinking water, which includes replacing all the country’s lead pipes and service lines.
    • $65 billion in spending for broadband internet infrastructure.

    On Wednesday, 67 senators, including South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, voted to move forward with debate on the bill. 

    Leaders in the Senate hope to finalize and pass the bill before the Senate takes their yearly August recess. 

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