• Legislative Update

    Legislative Update

    The legislature had a full week last week and held several subcommittee meetings in both the House and the Senate. The House passed its version of the Santee Cooper bill (H.3194), which allows for the reconsideration of a sale and simultaneously implements reforms. The Senate passed the Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion bill (S.1).

    UCC (Upstate Chamber Coalition) Legislative Priorities Activity:

    1.      COVID-19 Liability Protections (S.147): Received its first subcommittee hearing last Tuesday, where the SC Chamber testified in support of the bill. The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee members are Senators Malloy (Chair), Sabb, Senn,

    Talley, and Young. The Committee plans to meet again to discuss the bill soon.

    2.      Teacher Step Increase (H.3609): Passed the House.

    3.      Accountability for Underperforming School Districts (S.201): Passed favorably out of Senate Education Committee.

    4.      Computer Science Education Initiative Act (H.3612): Passed the House.

    5.      Schools of Innovation Expansion (H.3589): Passed favorably out of the House Education and Public Works Committee.


    The House was back in session yesterday, Tuesday, February 2nd and the Senate returned today Wednesday, February 3rd.

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