• Legislative Update for the Month of February

    Here's a look at bills affecting business headed through and working on in the State House and Senate. 
    Last Tuesday, a bill allocating $208 million in funding for vaccine roll-out and administration (H.3707) passed the General Assembly and is now awaiting the Governor’s signature. The bill (S.516), which would include teachers and school support staff in Phase 1A of the COVID-19 Vaccine Plan, had a House Ways and Means Subcommittee hearing on Tuesday where the members heard several hours of testimony. The Committee took no action on the bill, and it has not been scheduled for another subcommittee hearing.
    This week’s highlights of the Chamber’s legislative priorities include:
    •             COVID-19 Liability Protections, S.147 (SUPPORT AS INTRODUCED): Was slated for special order and received second reading in the Senate last week. Amendments will be allowed on the third reading, and the bill will retain its special order (priority) slot on the calendar tomorrow, Tuesday, February 23rd. The committee amendment, which weakened the bill, was voted down 21 to 18 in favor of Senator Massey’s amendment, which made some positive changes. Please continue to use and share the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Call to Action website to reach out to your senators and tell them how important it is to get a strong bill passed next week!
    •             Accountability for Underperforming School Districts, H.3610 (SUPPORT): Received second reading in the House last week.
    •             Palmetto Fellows Scholarship for Two-Year Institutions H.3017 (SUPPORT): Passed the House and sent it to the Senate.
    •             Curbside Pickup of Beer and Wine, H.3575 (SUPPORT): Passed House Judiciary Committee will be on the floor this week.
    •             Delivery of Beer and Wine, H.3772 (SUPPORT): Passed House Judiciary Committee will be on the floor this week.

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