• SC General Assembly Begins

    SC General Assembly Begins

    SC General Assembly Begins the 2021 Session – Legislative Update

    Last Tuesday, the South Carolina General Assembly returned to Columbia for the 2021 Legislative Session, beginning the first of a two-year session. By the end of December the UCC (Upstate Chamber Coalition), the OPACC (Oconee, Pickens, Anderson Chamber Coalition), and the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce rolled-out its 2021 Legislative Agenda, which lays out the business community’s top legislative priorities for the year. Many of the bills introduced this first week reflect these priorities, including: 

    1.  COVID-19 Liability Safe Harbor: Senator Massey pre-filed a bill (S.147) which the UCC, OPACC, and South Carolina Chamber supports. Representative Bill Taylor introduced a similar bill (H.3597) in the House this week.

    2.  Hate Crimes Bill: Many of the members of the House Equitable Justice System and Law Enforcement Reform Committee introduced a comprehensive Hate Crimes Bill (H.3620) which the SC Chamber supports.

    3.  Teacher Pay Raise: The House Ways and Means Committee unanimously passed H.3609 on Thursday. The bill will restore teacher step increases that were suspended last year. The approximate amount to be appropriated is $50 million.

    4.  Workforce Education Data Oversight Committee: House Speaker Jay Lucas introduced H.3611 which the SC Chamber supports.


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