• ​SC Legislative Update

    SC Legislative Update
    Last week’s highlights of Chamber legislative priorities include:
    •             Hate Crimes Bill H.3620 (SUPPORT): Passed the Senate Judiciary Committee last week 13-10.
    •             Palmetto Fellows Scholarship for Two-Year Colleges H.3017 (SUPPORT): Signed by the Governor last week.
    •             Curbside Pickup of Beer and Wine H.3575 (SUPPORT): Passed out of Senate Judiciary Committee last week. The bill is headed for the Senate floor this week.
    •             Delivery of Beer and Wine H.3772 (SUPPORT): Passed out of a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee last week.
    •             Accountability for Underperforming Schools S.201 (SUPPORT): Passed both the House and the Senate with each body insisting on their version. The bill is headed for a conference committee.
    •             SALT Tax Parity S.627 (SUPPORT): Passed out of the House Ways and Means Committee last week. It will be on the House floor this week.
    •             E-Notary S.631 (SUPPORT): Passed out of a House Judiciary subcommittee last week.
    •             Tax Conformity H.4017 (SUPPORT): Passed out of the Senate Finance Committee last week.
    •             DHEC Restructuring S.2: Had another subcommittee hearing last week. Senators heard from Dept. of Ag., DAODAS, and DVA how the agencies believe this bill will affect them. Senator Peeler, who is chairing the subcommittee, announced that it is the intent of the group to schedule at least one other subcommittee hearing during the off session (likely in June).
    •             Gallo Winery Bill S.619: The bill had previously passed the Senate in April. The House passed the bill this week and it has been enrolled for ratification.
    This week is the last week of session (first year of a two-year session), so we hope to move many of these bills across the finish line.

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