• Update from Leadership Anderson Class 37

    Leadership Anderson Class 37 is working to rebuild the Westside Community Centers gym from the floor up. This project has many moving parts to bring this gym back to its former glory. First and foremost, starting with the gym floor that has over the years seen a lot of history. The outer edges of the gym floor have some damaged areas and rot that have left sections of the floor unsafe for the gym’s occupants. Our plan is to rework these sections and replace the material to match the existing flooring. In the playing area most of the original gym floor still appears to exist and will be resurfaced, striping replaced, and the original community center logo freshly reinstalled. We will install inserts to allow temporary nets to be installed for volleyball and other net sports. Once both floor sections are resurfaced and painted, a durable clear coating will be layered to preserve the floor for many years to come. Our next major feat will be repainting the walls to coincide with community centers color scheme, installing new flooring trim, and repairing some damaged woodworking at the stage’s courtside edge. These walls over the years have seen a lot of wear. They will be livened up with a fresh coat of paint. Yet what is a gym without a working scoreboard? The old scoreboard will be removed and a brand new wireless multisport scoreboard system will be installed. Lastly our team will come together to install safety padding behind the hoops and on the backboards to ensure everyone can play safely. This project however cannot be completed with will power alone. We hope after hearing about and seeing all the gym’s needed updates to be a safe space for the community to recreate, you will consider donating to this community center restoration.

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